Download and install the program


How to use it

  1. Install
  2. Choose file to watch for changes
  3. Insert link to make a GET request (ex: https://example.com?song=)
  4. Goto [File] > [Insert Token] > Insert your super secret token
  5. Press connect
  6. Program is now watching for changes to your file
  7. Done!

What's it?

Every time a file is modified the program makes a GET request with those changes as a parameter

for example:

  1. contents of textfile.txt is modified too "BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY"
  2. program make a request



Makes GET request each time a file is changed

alt text


The program used in the radio station, saves to a text file, the current track song currently playing.

I made this simple program, because I needed to send to a webserver the track song currently playing in radio station.

The program makes a get request with that track song, then the server captures that request and updates the player present in the radio station website.