Graduated in 2020 with BEng Computer Science Degree.
Lately been working with Laravel, TailwindCSS, AlpineJS, LiveWire...
Looking for a WebDeveloper role.


Real Estate (WIP) Open Link Feb.2021

Real Estate website + CMS

Front End - Laravel +TailwindCSS + AlpineJS

CMS - Tailwind AlpineJS Laravel Livewire (Tall Stack)

Laravel TailwindCSS AlpineJS AlpineJS Github Open Link Aug.2020

Radio Station Website

Shows current song playing in the station.

Keeps an history of previous played songs.

Latest news from newspaper WP-API website.

HTML5 CSS3 Github TailwindCSS AlpineJS

JustRipe Open Link DEC.2018

University Software Engenering Project

CRUD application (farm crops)

C# application build using mvvm pattern.

UI utilizing WPF and material design library.

SQLite database for simplicity of use

C Sharp SQLite Material Design Visual Studio Github Trello Open Link Mar.2014

Real Estate website + backoffice

CMS to manage properties listings and features

Image Uploads (+featured image)

Admin Authentication

Search Properties by type

No CSS frameworks

Laravel PHP framework

Laravel HTML5 CSS3 jQuery Github